I'm Elad Mizrahi

a passionate product designer & UX engineer.
I combine my experience and knowledge in product design and front-end development to design and develop clever components that make designers and developers work better together.
FYI, I've made a Figma plugin you can check out. If you're interested in my code, check out my GitHub profile. Or just scroll down and see my past work.
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Design systems: How did creating a Figma plugin shape Loox's white-label design system?

We recently had to rethink our widgets’ white-label design system. It was not a small feat by any means. Our secret sauce? Our very own custom-built Figma plugin.

Dynamic grids: how to solve UX problems with code

When we converted Asurion's experiences to responsive design, we already had a mature product, and it’s not a matter of just fitting the design to a desktop or tablet. We wanted to make the experience translate to the desktop seamlessly.

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Asurion Gamer+: product market-fit

​Innovating protection and tech supports products within a 100 Million subscribers insurance company.

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The developer-designer super team: blog post

To most, designers and developers belong to completely separate domains, the polar opposites of the software world. However, at Soluto, we discovered that this doesn’t have to be the case.

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Volu: mobile app & OS design

The Volu device blends tobacco and cannabis, or two strains of cannabis and produces up to six joints at a time.

I was part of all stages of the product — such as industrial design, development, and interface design.

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MoneyNet Israel: currency converter

The assignment was to invent a currency converter that can serve financial service providers as a professional tool.

In the process of making this currency converter, we created a unique converter suited for Financial Service Providers.

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Comics App: Personal Project

Maintaining an extensive comic book library on a tablet is a challenging task.

My brother — a software engineer, and I are creating a personal comic book reader that can be a better alternative to the ones on the market today.

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Jinga Clothing: Website & Outfit Customiser

Jinga Clothing is a company that specialises in customised cycling clothing for teams and events.

Jinga commissioned us to create a new eCommerce website and customiser.

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