Asurion Gamer+: product market-fit

​Innovating protection and tech supports products within a 100 Million subscribers insurance company 


Asurion Gamer+ is a device protection and gear swapping service for gamers. This product was born within the Soluto’s Strategic Growth domain.

Problem Statement

Create a product that would provide more opportunities for positive interactions between Asurion and the customer.

Create a niche protection service, appealing to new audiences, Asurion hasn’t specifically targeted in the past.

Our Goals
  • More than 50% reduction in CAC
  • Improve average churn rates by 20%
Volu device and app screenshot
Colour Selection

Market-fit tests

Our first step was to test several product ideas for market fit. To that end, we created exploratory Facebook campaigns and landing pages, which offered different combinations of services, price points, and value propositions. This method was used to test 13 different products.

The winner advert
The winning plan — A protection plus device swap plan

Analyzing the results

Top performing ads

Our exploratory campaigns resulted in hundreds of leads, with the most effective campaigns delivering leads at 70%-75% lower per lead, compared to similar services.

We isolated the most appealing value proposition: A protection plus device swap plan.

Road to pilot

After the campaign results—proving market-fit and viability of the product, Gamer+ has been approved to a 200 users pilot

The new goal

Creating a new protection service from scratch, while involving a multitude of stakeholders within the organization—Legal department, logistics, customer services, marketing, and others.

Subscription flow

Verbiage and designs were tailor-suited for gamers, with the goal of generating trust. 

Requesting gamer tag — Framing the product in the right context

Asking for the user’s “Gamer-tag” was intended to demonstrate that Gamer+ is a product that “understands gamers”

Controller Select — The importance of delightful moments in MVP

We had to release it ASAP, and we sacrificed a lot of features and capabilities. Because of that, it was important to keep some delightful moments. I ended up animating and developing it myself to keep development time low.

navigation — closed conversion trees
Subscription — Gamertag Page
Subscription — Controller Select
navigation — closed conversion trees
Subscription — Intro screens

Game selection

assumption — increasing friction to increase subscription rate

This page is non-essential to the subscription process, but was included as a bet—that users will form a stronger attachment to the product after we gave them a chance to “show-off” their taste in games.

navigation — closed conversion trees
Subscription — Game Selection Filled
navigation — closed conversion trees
Subscription — Game Selection

Dream VS Reality

The MVP product dashboard had to be stripped down, in order to meet our release goal. The new Dashboard included only the bare minimum required to launch within 60 days of the pilot’s approval.

navigation — closed conversion trees
Developed version
navigation — closed conversion trees
Proposed version

Next steps

  • Diary study — gain a better understanding of the product through prolonged user interviews.
  • Flow optimization — locating the flow’s weak points and improving upon them
  • Campaign optimization — Finding the perfect creatives, image and value propositions, to generate leads at the best possible value